~ The Rusty Wright Band ~

Join the RUST-Y-NATION FAN CLUB and show your true musical colors.

   If you would like to help promote music made by real honest to gosh instrument playing human beings who have spent thousands of hours becoming as skilled at their craft as possible and are tired of lip syncing, auto tuned track acts dancing around like an epileptic prostitute then this is the place for YOU!

   The RFC (Rust-y-nation Fan Club) is here to celebrate the virtues of PLAYING LIVE MUSIC WELL! To be an RFC member you have to love well crafted live music and be willing to spend some time helping The Rusty Wright Band reach a larger audience.
   I'll be asking members to contact promoters and venues where you live via email and social media posts. Let them know that you and the RFC will be more likely to come to their event to see RWB. I may even ask you to go to a show or two and drop postcards around the place. Share posts on Facebook, Pass out free download cards and turn your friends onto RWB music. Nothing is mandatory except that you like RWB music and are willing to make some small effort to help.
   RFC members will get discounts to our ticketed shows. Free stuff on your birthday and access to music, video and info others won't see. We'll also have meet ups from time to time where we can all kick back and socialize.
   So if you still love live music and would like to help us reach a larger audience and feel that our music is worthy of your time then please fill out the form below and join the Rust-y-nation.
(Cool T-shirts and caps are coming soon)
Thanks, Laurie, Dean, Nick and I really do appreciate you all.


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