Live Fire

by The Rusty Wright Band

Released 2011
Sadson Music
Released 2011
Sadson Music
LIVE FIRE by the Rusty Wright Band showcases live performances from their US and European tours. Highlights include new material from the upcoming studio release as well as renditions of blues and rock classics by Freddy King and Robin Trower.
Live Fire by the Rusty Wright Band. Recorded live while on tour in the US and Europe in 2009 and 2010.
5 tracks of high energy RWB standards from the first 2 CDs as well as 2 tracks of unreleased songs and 2 remakes of classic blues and rock including Freddy King's "Someday After Awhile" and Robin Trower's "Day Of The Eagle".
Also a rousinjg re-write of "Whole Lotta Rosie". The Rusty Wright Band, LIVE FIRE has the heat of incredible playing mixed with the joy of playing live.

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